Benefits of Enrolling in Express Labs DOT Consortium

Express Labs is one of the Nation's Largest Consortium with 30,000+ Drivers with access to 20,000+ Collection Sites Nationwide.  Whether you are an Employer with 100+ Drivers or an Owner Operator, Express Labs can help you Manage your Drug & Alcohol Program.

  • Regulatory Compliance: DOT Regulations Require Employers to have a Drug and Alcohol Testing Program in place.  Joining Express Labs Consortium ensures that your Company is Compliant with these Regulations and helps to Minimize the Risk of Fines or Penalties for Non-Compliance.

  • Expert Guidance: Express Labs Consortium provides Expert Guidance and Support to Employers on how to Implement and Manage your Drug and Alcohol Testing Program, including Guidance on Policies, Procedures, and Employee Education.

  • Increased Efficiency: By Outsourcing your Drug and Alcohol Testing to Express Labs Consortium, Employers can focus on their Core Business Operations and leave the Testing Administration to the Experts, which can result in Increased Efficiency and Productivity.

  • Reduced Liability: Express Labs Consortium Well-Designed Drug and Alcohol Testing Program can help reduce Employer's Liability in the event of an Accident or Incident involving a Driver who is impaired by Drugs or Alcohol.

Overall, Enrolling in Express Labs Consortium can help Employers to Streamline their Drug and Alcohol Testing Program, Reduce Costs, and Ensure Compliance with DOT Regulations.

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