Frequently Asked Questions

Enrolling in the Consortium

It's $99 a year 3 years for $199 to Enroll in the Consortium with Unlimited Drivers.  Your Enrollment Certificate is Emailed Immediately, which is Proof for DOT that your Company is in the Consortium.  Once your Quest Diagnostics Account is setup (about 1 Business Day) you will be able to order Drug Tests Online right from your Express Labs account.  You will also receive Drug Testing Forms from Quest Diagnostics within 1 week of Enrolling by FedEX.

How are Drivers Added to the Random Pool

During Enrollment - DOT Allows Drivers to Added to the Random Pool who have Negative DOT Pre-Employment Drug Test Results (In your Company Name) and have been in a Random Pool within the Previous 30 Days.

After Enrollment - Drivers are Automatically Added to the Random Pool and Allowed on the Road when Negative Pre-Employment Drug Test Results are Reported by Express Labs Medical Review Officer (MRO).

How does Express Labs Conduct Random Selections?

Express Labs Conducts 4 Computerized Quarterly Selections during the Months of January, April, July & October.  Express Labs is Mandated by DOT to have 50% of Drivers Tested for Drugs & 10% Tested for Alcohol Yearly.